Over the years, Teltec Investment Limited has strategically assembled a talented group of technicians capable of handling each and every aspect of our customers’ air conditioning needs from window, split air, packaged air and central air conditioning systems. Our core strategy at Teltec is for our customers to be 100% satisfied with every service we provide. We offer many value-added services that can greatly increase the comfort level, air quality and efficiency of any application. We offer 24 hour emergency services throughout the year including weekends and holidays.

Installation of New Equipment
Over the years, Teltec has been meeting the air conditioning needs of different organizations including banks, NGOs, government bodies, telecom companies, telecom BTS, hotels and residential homes countrywide. We understand that everyone’s needs and ideas of air conditioning comfort are unique. That’s why we offer you choices.

Preventive Maintenance Pays
Preventive Maintenance of Air conditioning units is known to restore performance capacity, improve comfort and lower energy costs by restoring capacity. Control of humidity is improved therefore running time is reduced resulting in lowered energy costs.