We cover a variety of supplies ranging from industrial and domestic systems including;

Electrical Supplies

The company supplies and installs a range of electrical, electronic and light- ing accessories. They include:- main control panels, stabilizers, contactors, switch gears, lighting battens, cables, cable glands, electronic ballasts, metal halides, phase monitor relays, overload relays, timers, connectors, conduits, capacitors etc from a wide range of re-known manufacturers to varied client base, from small businesses to large companies and in a wide range of industries. We also supply power backup systems (inverters) and sustainable energy equipment for solar energy

Technical & Power Audits
We offer complete solutions to technical and power management. We make analysis of technical things and make recommendations against which BOQ can be prepared. We have in the past participated in evaluating technical proposals of outsourced products and ser- vices for several organizations. We do complete power audits and advise on power management in line with reduced expenditures.


Green Energy
As more and more businesses take notice of their environmental impact, reducing the damage they are causing to the planet is becoming a priority. Teltec Investments provides an integrated approach to reducing businesses energy consumption, their carbon footprint and increasing sustainability by deploying off-grid systems that can be powered locally, most often by the sun

Electro Mechanical

We provide comprehensive services in the supply, installation, and maintenance of electro-mechanical systems, encompassing power generation, air conditioning, electrical fittings, and ICT-related works. Additionally, we handle minor civil works that may arise during the process.

Generator Supplies

Supply of a range of power generating sets (both mobile and stationary) from re-known manufacturers like; Lister Petter, Perkins, Caterpillar, StFamford, Volvo, Yanmar, etc and corresponding parts.