Over the last 10 years, we’ve garnered a breadth of experience across various industries including Banking, Telecom, Development Organizations, Oil&Gas and many others..


For over 10 years now, Teltec has provided Energy, Power and ICT solutions to the Banking industry helping them save costs and time leading to provision of a seamless customer service experience.

Oil & Gas

We offer equipment and maintenance services to clients in the oil industry, adhering strictly to safety protocols. Our commitment to innovation ensures we enhance the delivery process, adding significant value to our services.


Government institutions have consistently favored our solutions over time. With our longstanding presence and unwavering reliability, dependability remains a cornerstone of our value proposition.


As the leading consumer of our ICT solutions, the Telecom industry demands top-tier equipment and installation services from a trusted provider. Over time, our high-end solutions have consistently emerged as the preferred choice within budget considerations.


Universities and other higher education institutions rely on us to meet their evolving ICT and power requirements, ensuring they stay at the forefront of learning technology.


With a planned logistic chain, we support with timely deliveries of Power, Aircon and ICT to development organizations based in Uganda, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo and Rwanda.

United Nations